Thursday, November 21

Remindalanch - constant bane of the procrastinator

Reminderlanch - The effect produced by your PDA, personal organiser software, or Microsoft Outlook, when you've got a busy schedule, and a lot of To-Do items with reminders on them that you've postponed from the day before. You startup your computer or PDA in the morning and are immediately hit by a remindalanch of little reminders to do stuff and meet with people.

Remindalanch severity is measured on the 1-10+ Covey Scale (which i named after Steven Covey, author of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"). The Covey Scale is based on the number of times you have to hit the 'remind me later' button before you screen is once again clear.

Remindalanches are most dangerous when several build up over a series of days, or when you've just come back from a long holiday, or (horror of horrors) your PDA and computer haven't synchronised correctly, creating duplicate or triplicate copies of every single contact, calendar item and to-do item you have... ahhh!!!

Example of useage: "I came back from that unplanned two-week vacation to a remindalanch that measured a 15 on the Covey Scale, so that's why I'm here at the coffee shop - I'm scared to go back!"

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