Wednesday, September 17

ZOMG! Could this be Best Job In The World?

I assume they provide a driver with the company van!

Sunday, September 14

Loving that iPhone ringtone feeling


I'm loving The Feeling's music at the moment, particularly the 2006 song 'I Love It When You Call.'

Then it struck me how good it would sound as a ringtone on my iPhone.

Just in case you think it would sound great on your iPhone too, here's the ringtone I made.

(Just drag it onto iTunes and it should appear in your list of ringtones.)

Don't thank me, just buy the album, it's great!

Monday, September 8

Saturday, September 6

OnionMap: can you see the tiny people?

OnionMap: can you see the tiny people?
Originally uploaded by thatjonesboy.

It doesn't cover very much of Sydney but I was impressed that Korean 3D tourist map web startup OnionMap would cover Sydney at all. Disappointed to see you can't rotate the map, but you can pan and zoom. Some elements are animated - click on the cruise company at the wharf in this screen and a little cruiser leaves the jetty and heads out into the harbour -cool!

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