Wednesday, February 22

At Microsoft, we are not robots!

Being a Mac user now, I don't get the same Microsoft spam I used to, so I've only just discovered Microsoft Max, released late last year.

I love that the Microsoft Codename Max homeys feel the need to proclaim "We are not robots." on their homepage.

Come on, you're not fooling anybody...

  • Only a true robot denies his or her androidity;

  • Humans would end that sentence with an exclamation point, not a full-stop;

  • You've seen Blade Runner Director's Cut, right?

  • Bill programmed you to repeat that phrase just a little too often;

Sunday, February 19

For sale: Unwired Wireless modem

One mint-condition wireless desktop modem for Sydney/Melbourne Unwired customers. Still in box with manuals, CD and in new condition. Only used long enough to go out of the money-back guarantee period. $200 (or nearest offer). Contact alan at alandotjonesatyahoodotcom.

Wednesday, February 15

Keeping Aunty in

Keeping Aunty in
Originally uploaded by bigyahu.
Anti-ram raid bollards installed outside the Sydney offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). To keep terrorists from busting in, or to prevent ABC employees from busting out? You be the judge...

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