Tuesday, June 24

NameThis.com - prone to gaming?

NameThis.com - prone to gaming?
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I love the idea of using crowdsourcing to brainstorm new brand names, business names and taglines. I even love the design and functionality of namethis.com.

But I do think that some products - like yet another bogus weight-loss pill - are a bit open to guerilla criticism on a site like this.

I'll be interested to see whether and how the site moderator or the pill merchant take action on my suggested product name, "A Healthy, Balanced Diet and Exercise Didn't Work For Me."

Saturday, June 7

Ping.fm: at last, the uber social media manager!

Ping.fm: at last, the uber social media manager!
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This is really clever - ping lets me make subsets of my social media - micro-blogs, blogs, status messages etc - so i can direct my status updates to only some of my services.

Thursday, June 5

Drawing Day - 1 million drawings on 7 June... or else!

Join me on 7 June and share your drawing with the world online. Because.

Tuesday, June 3

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

Wow, that's a lot of painting and a lot of white paint!

My iPhone is teh full of guff

iTunes: iPhone is teh full of guff
Originally uploaded by thatjonesboy.

I shot some video using Polar Bear Farm's Showtime and then deleted it. But now I seem to have a mystery chunk of data on my iPhone that won't go away and I can't find it.

Argh, time to reset iphone and then painstakingly restore all my personalisations and apps. Yah-boo!

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