Monday, August 16

A thought on sharing iTunes on a network

This occurred to me while listening to another iTunes user's collection
on our office network: it would be cool if someone else's music was
slightly quieter than your own, the volume varying according to the
network 'distance' between you and the other person. Or perhaps it
would be better to add a little bit of echo to it. Obviously it would
be something you'd want to be able to turn on and off as a preference,
and it would be off by default, so as not to annoy anyone.

I would also like to try doing some personal broadcasting, using my
iTrip FM transmitter module, and get a few friends to try and tune in
via FM radios in the same room. Everybody on headphones, and me the DJ.
Totally quiet in the room but everyone listening to the same music.

Only problem is: where am I going to find that many people who like ELO
and Boston on the same mix? ;-)

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