Wednesday, April 13

According to today's Computer Daily News, the US Army's Stryker Brigade, operating in the city of Mosul, will begin using a new WiFi-enabled landmine, codename 'matrix' in June of this year. Soldiers will be able to detonate individual landmines from a laptop with a touchscreen. Sadly, I couldn't find a web reference to it anywhere.

I don't know what's weirder - WiFi mines, or that there's actually a unit of the US Army called "The Stryker Brigade" (which sounds more like a heavy metal band than a professional soldiering outfit, but from what I understand there's a high degree of cross-over between those two trades these days.)

I assume these WiFi mines will be firewall-protected against insurgents with WiFi sniffers and probes. I wonder if they'll stream music from my powerbook like an Apple Airport Express would... talk about explosive bass!

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