Thursday, October 6

First moblog - sprained ankle

First moblog - sprained ankle
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Well, it was either this or a photo of my butt, and there's nothing remarkable about my butt.

So this is not how I planned to celebrate my getting a data-enabled phone service and sending my first photos from my handset to flickr and on to my blog!

I sprained my ankle playing basketball with The MICS last night. I had thought I was over sprained ankles, having changed my training and rehab practices after a nasty series of sprains about six years ago.

This time, though, coming down from scoring a basket right under the rim, I landed on one leg, on the foot of a defender. He pulled his foot out from under me and over I went with all my weight, plus the force of the drop. Bummer!

Anyway, the point of getting a data-enabled phone service was to allow me to play with Why?

Well, because it's the future of the internet. No kidding. When I first started on the web in the '80s, nobody just found their own way around the web. Instead we all used nice safe walled-garden environments provided by our ISPs (in those days, Compuserve, AOL, eWorld and a few others.) Then, companies like Yahoo! and Excite taught us that we could find our own way on the web - find the stuff that worked best for us personally, not what some manager at AOL thought his customers wanted.

Well, right now, with your network operator providing you with a compulsory homepage on your cell handset, you're living in the '80s of mobile internet. And services like BluePulse will be the Yahoo!s and Excites of the second wave. Check it out, lemme know what you think.

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