Thursday, April 20

High-five from your teenage cooler-than-thou son: priceless!

My mate Tony brought home his family's first Mac last night, to a family of wife and two young teenagers, all of whom had struggled with various bargain-basement PCs in the past. Tony's words were:

On the way home I said to [Son] “I hear it’s a pretty amazing experience getting it out of the box.” He curled his lip, flicked his tinted hair, took the plectrum he was chewing out of his mouth, adjusted his thick, studded leather bracelet and said “You’re such a nerd, Dad. Honestly, why would anyone find that cool?”

Then we opened the box. He grinned, went "awww!" and turned to me like a son: “Wow, how cool is that Dad?” And high-fived me. It was worth the extra $1,000 just for that alone! Although I don’t know how much use of it I’ll actually get…

...such is the joy of Mac. Another day, another convert...

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