Tuesday, December 5

Meanwhile, Bluepulse 2.0 goes off!

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Wow, serves me right for going to the gym this morning without checking my email first. When I went to bed last night Oliver at Mobilecrunch hadn't yet run with the news of the Bluepulse 2.0 launch and everything was quiet. Then Oliver ran his news item, with a headline including "...may be the ultimate mobile media platform", it got mentioned on Techcrunch by Natali and with that dynamic duo of power-packed blogging exposure, everything pretty much went nuts.

Thanks for your long-standing faith in the platform and your support of the team at Bluepulse, Oliver, you rock!

Digg dug us, Technorati rated us, and by the time I was done staving off the beer gut for another day, lots of people were downloading bluepulse to their phones.
Bluepulse 2.0 launch gets blogged, bigtime

And then, when even more people started trying to download it, we hit overload. Think: servers making grinding noises, green lights on panels turning amber and then orange, a wisp of steam escaping from a rattling waste pipe, the smell of hot metal and burning cable ties... I'm exaggerating, of course - these days when machinery gets overloaded, it's disappointingly quiet. In reality, the only action to be seen is Ben and the dev boys flipping from terminal to terminal, shaking fists in the air, slapping foreheads against monitors, and begging for more capacity.

It's not like we didn't anticipate significantly more demand than usual - we added many times more capacity than we'd had prior to the 2.0 launch. But it was not enough. Everybody wants to try Bluepulse!

The scramble is on now to add additional capacity, and already things are starting to smooth out a little. If you've experienced delays getting through to http://get.bluepulse.com in the last 12 hours, please go back and try again, as you should be able to reach it now.

If you're still having trouble, here's one possible cause: when you go to type the URL into your mobile browser, before you type in "get.bluepulse.com" make sure you delete any "www." that your browser has automatically inserted at the beginning of the URL. There's no "www.get.bluepulse.com" only a "http://get.bluepulse.com". Delete the "www." and you should be fine.
The next challenge: shipping Ben and about half the office over to the San Francisco bay area at the end of this week to begin setting up our US operations. In the midst of our biggest-ever product launch. Just before Christmas. All we're now missing from the Top 10 Stress-Inducing Events is a divorce, a health crisis, an alien invasion and a continent-cracking earthquake.

(Actually, about the health crisis, there was the Bluepulse Christmas party we held last Friday night at Zachary's, home of the Bluepulse-themed 'pulsator'. Who knew absinthe shots were that toxic? You're supposed to dilute it one-in-five? You're supposed to sip it through a sugary spoon? That explains why my head still hurts. I hope the Bay Area is ready for Bluepulse...)

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