Wednesday, January 31

test of

Wow, that's very cool. is a light and fast flash media player that lets you build presentations including images, video, audio and test in a simple drag-and-drop editor. I particularly like how you can point it at your photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and have Splashcast suck them into your presentation. Less cool: the webcam integration for authoring video didn't work with the built-in camera in my MacBook, and I was unable to upload a background audio file. And I would like to be able to resize and superimpose/layer elements I've added to a presentation and choose transitions between e.g. separate video files.

I like that I'm able to let people subscribe to updates of this presentation, or to a 'channel' with past and current 'episodes'. I can even see basic stats on views and subscriptions. The Splashcast interface is very low-profile, almost to the point of white-labelling, and there's no ads! (yay!)

...Otherwise, it's very cool.

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