Sunday, August 5

Hacking the iPhone

hacking the iphone
Originally uploaded by thatjonesboy.

Yes, I'm sure it's possible to hack an AUD$650 Apple iPhone in order to use it as an 8Gb Video iPod with web browser. It's just most Mac users haven't hacked anything in a very long time, if at all, and like me, they may be out of practice.

So, some tips:

  1. Before you begin, work on your justification. Practice answering this question:
    “You spent how much on this and even if you successfully activate it, you cant use it as a phone?”

  2. The documentation you need will be called "README", will be in the file you've downloaded once you've figured out how to unzip it. It will suffer from poor typography and layout.

  3. When the instructions refer to something called "Terminal" they're not referring to something where business and first class passengers like you get to board first.

  4. Limber up. Mac users are unused to hacking things. They are used to shiny, beautiful things that work intuitively. You are about to risk turning a shiny, beautiful thing that works intuitively into a shiny, beautiful thing that protects your table top from hot coffee.

  5. Wash your hands before you begin - you don’t want fingerprints on the world’s most expensive beer coaster.

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