Tuesday, April 1

Did you know watering your garden can be geeky?

Micromet online report on my garden watering
Originally uploaded by thatjonesboy.

Oh, this is so geeky I'm all a-shiver! This is a report on my garden's water situation over the last month, as measured by the little black box on the wall next to our garden watering system, installed by Micrometonline.com as part of a 3-month trial by Sydney Water.

The little black box controls the drip irrigation system, and receives its instructions over the pager radio network from a central system monitoring rainfall, cloudcover, evaporation etc in each part of the Sydney metro area.

Basically, the little black box makes sure our garden is only watered when it needs to be, and only delivers as much water as our garden needs.

...which leaves SO much more water for me to have extra baths in!


OK, the graph and the website could benefit from slightly less data density for consumer users like myself, but that's to be expected from a system developed for large irrigators like councils and businesses. It's a great start for saving water!

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