Friday, July 18

Idea for another internet business: no URL yet, but here's the concept. It came to me while hiring a costume at a fancy dress shop and a girl came in to try on a french maid's outfit. I got to thinking about how that particular costume has some pretty zesty overtones - you don't dress as a french maid if you don't want to attract the attention of the men at the party, right?

Then I figured: there's probably a lot of single guys who'd pay money to know:
- the girl's name
- the time, day and address of the party she's going to
- what costume she's wearing

And then the sales assistant gave me the rental paperwork to fill in, and I realised, all the data has just bee captured, the fancy dress business only needs the customer's permission to publish it online.

If a girl's going to dress up as a french maid, there's probably at least one person she wants to see her in that outfit, and if she hasnt got a specific person in mind, she definitely hopes to meet someone new that night. She might be happy to know which guys coming to the party think she looks pretty good as a the french maid.

So, this website is definitely for the extroverts among us, but it's a community/dating site that:
- encourages people to plan and host fancy dress parties
- lets them invite their friends and book costumes online
- ships them their costume and picks it up after the party if they wish (or come in and try it on, pick it up as usual)
- lets people disclose a little of the information above, maybe even with a photo of themselves in/out of costume
- makes them pay a little for the service

As for me, I love dressing up as a french maid, and I'm going to this party next Friday night, and it's at.... ;-)

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