Friday, July 18

Idea for an internet business: - a website where you can send a range of ironic greeting cards based on the annoying tendency for the recurring dates in your PDA and PC/Mac to gradually degrade over time. After several years of trying to maintain synchronisation across PDAs, phones, PCs, Macs and web-based calendars, I can no longer pinpoint key dates like friend's birthdays - the best I can do is guesstimate with an accuracy of 2-3 days when it might be. Across those 3 days I usually have 3-4 occurrences of the event to try and straighten out, on different days, even in different timezones, so long ago I stopped bothering to find the right one - the fact that I remembered your birthday - or rather, that my PDA remembered your birthday - should be enough in this emotionally-distant age.

Some draft greeting card copy:
"My PDA thinks it's your birthday, so happy birthday (Friend)" (leaving the variable "friend" unfilled to impart that special generic feeling to the message)
"My PDA keeps reminding me of your birthday - it clearly cares more about you than I do" - straight to the point!
"My PDA says it's your birthday, but I can't even remember who you are"
"My PDA says it's your birthday, but we broke up months ago, so how about I give you back your sofa?"

Whaddaya think? Would you pay for a service like this?

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