Tuesday, September 14

It's alive! It's alive! (insane cackle...)

CD on the shelf
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It's alive! It's alive! I spotted 'Pacifico' by Karma County for the first time on the retail shelf yesterday in a shop in Surry Hills. Then I moved it from the bottom shelf to the top shelf, next to the Jeff Buckley.

Oddly anti-climactic moment, actually. I had daydreams of something ceremonial in a huge HMV or Virgin Megastore, with the band, the distributor, some bimbos, a lot of champagne and the hint of a long night of irresponsible partying to come. I guess as the impresario backing the project, the blame for it not happening that way is entirely my own. I'm my own cheapest bastard!

Instead I was rushing to the post office to send something and get back to the office before a meeting started without me. But it was still a special moment.

Now we just have to sit back and wait for the critical acclaim and platinum sales. You can do your bit too - you can buy it online at www.karmacounty.com.au - just look for the 'buy Pacifico' button!

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