Tuesday, November 9

It takes 250k rat brain neurons to fly a plane...

CNN reports that a Florida team have taught a 'brain in a dish' to fly a flight simulator. The brain in question is a collection of only 250,000 rat neurons, dropped in a support solution and left to reconnect themselves.

Have to say, I know a few commercial pilots, and if you ask me, the job can probably done with only 150,000 rat brain neurons. I wonder what the other 100,000 neurons were doing? Planning to chat up flight attendants at the next stop? Managing the sharemarket portfolio? Ringing home?

"Hi Mom! It's me! Hey, I got that new job I told you about! Yep, no more running around the maze and pushing the buttons to eat for me! And I get a uniform and a briefcase! No Ma, I can't carry the briefcase, but it makes a great place to sleep, especially after I've chewn up the uniform and stuffed some of it in there. And I think I can probably sneak the whole family into the cargo hold and we can all go to Florida this year..."

So, how many rat brain neurons do you think it might take to replicate these popular job functions? (Put your entries in the comments field below):

  • Marketing manager

  • Publicist

  • Politician

  • News anchor

  • Toll-booth operator

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