Wednesday, December 15


I had the misfortune to be fleeced of AUD499.00 today, just to crossgrade from MYOB's windoze accounting software to the Mac version. The Mac version retails for $550+ so I was saving a lousy $50 or so. Plus you've got to pay $100 a year just to get the latest tax tables, etc to download so your accounts balance out.

But buying the software online really showed me just how bad MYOB is at online customer relationships.

  • Chose which over-priced option I wanted to pay for

  • Logged-in with 8-digit product serial number and password instead of ID or email address and password!

  • Entered my credit card details

  • Lengthy wait, followed by confirmation that credit card transaction had been processed...

  • That's all!

So hey, MYOB, where's my note telling me my software is on the way, how long I can expect to wait before it arrives, how it will be sent, etc? Where's the email confirming same? It's been an hour now! What the hell have you done with my money, you arrogant sonofas!

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