Thursday, December 16

Remix your national anthem and be a Top 10 hit, please!

All of Australia's Up In Arms Lobby are once again up in arms, this time to forbid the Council of the City of Sydney remixing of our national anthem in an attempt to make the turgid, pompous pap of a song into something more party-compatible for Sydney's famous New Year's Eve celebrations.

I've got no problems with remixing the national anthem in principle, in fact, I'd rather we wrote a new national anthem anyway, especially if we could get it to #1 on the charts in the UK and US and pump a bit of that foreign currency into our current account deficit.

But, oh my, the Sydney City Council remix is soooo horrid! It sounds like it's been remixed by a committee of bureacrats and ageing queers... exactly the problem, i'll wager.

How about we launch a "Remix The National Anthem" contest, take the winning versions and try to get them up on the international dance charts? How groovy would a country be if its national anthem was rocking the clubs around the world? Now that would be the truly Australian thing to do!

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