Wednesday, August 24

Birth of "e-label" as a buzzword

I came away from the three day Immedia AMBC 2005 conference recently thinking to myself, “perhaps the answer is to skip the whole manufacturing and retail distribution malarkey, and just focus on producing and marketing music in online-only deals with artists?”

My idea would be to try to encourage independent artists who are unlikely to break even on an indie release in Australia to just release their work online thru Littoral Records. They can skip the offline altogether, or sign the rights for offline over to another label - I’m cool with that.

I still have numbers to crunch, but my hunch is that it might be significantly more profitable, albeit on much smaller volumes. And you might have to kiss your ARIA Top 20 entry goodbye as a result (hahaha).

Anyway, it’s such a good idea that Warner Music has pinched it already - how do ya like that, fer cryin’ out loud?

So maybe I’m crazy… crazy like a fox…

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