Monday, September 5

Going, going... you still here?

I've got nothing against, in fact, I love that there's a place that will sell all my stuff for me on eBay. I particularly love that their office is just down the street from mine at, so I can take stuff in there and get it valued for free in my lunch break. I even respect their determination to do good works for various charities.

Here's my point: while I get the nice pun in calling the company "Going Gone", am I the only one who sees the potential for a subeditor to write a witty headline if the company one day hits financial troubles? As in:

  • Going Gone Going Nuts

  • Going Gone to see the Bank Manager

  • Going Gone, Back In 10 Minutes

  • Going Gone says, 'Still Going!'

  • Going Gone Appoints Administrator, is Going Concern

  • Going Gone Going Out Of Business

  • Was Going Gone, Now Just Gone

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