Tuesday, November 15

I win the bet: we can access the camera with bluepulse apps

I win the bet! Ben and I were debating whether we could let bluepulse app developers access the camera on a handset. Ben was thinking with his geek hat on about how it was impossible for a bluepulse app to break out of its Java or Symbian sandbox to address the hardware running the camera. But I was thinking like a blogger, and realise that not everything has to happen on the phone for this to work. All we need to do is let the user email their photo to a web server, like Flickr's moblogging feature, and then the bluepulse server can pick up the photo, the caption, and the mobile number it came from, and do its funky thang for the customer.

After all, why do we have a server-side 'browserless portal for mobile phones' if not to do all the tricky stuff server side? ;-)

Now, off to document this and try and get some bluepulse devheads to build something fun.

Originally uploaded by bigyahu.

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