Wednesday, November 30

One month on: I'm spending a fortune on iTMS tracks!

One month and a couple of days on from the one month anniversary of the launch of iTunes Music Store Australia and I've made the mistake of counting the number of tracks I've purchased in that time.

Holy spinning turntables batman! I've managed to buy 95 tracks in a month! Eight albums worth! $157 in only one month! I better slow down and take a moment to buy some shares in Apple.

Wonder if Apple will make a "sold X tracks in first month of iTMS Australia" announcement like they did for other international stores, or wait until the first quarterly figures are in?

Note that this has been *additive* spending, it hasn't significantly cannibalised my other online music spending ( and Amazon.) My offline retail spending is way down, of course, but it's been almost zero now for almost a year anyway.

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