Friday, September 8

AppleInsider: Apple iPhone really, truly coming this time

I'm grateful to AppleInsider for brightening up my day in Grim City for meetings by once again reporting analyst predictions that an Apple iPhone is once again just around the corner, no really, truly, honestly this time... sorta.

This time it's Shaw Wu, analyst from American Technology Research, who's the analyst keen enough to drum up some hype to be quoted in a story. To be fair, Google says this isn't the first time Wu has commented on this area of the business, though his usual beat seems to be portable music players.

Really, the only missing piece of the puzzle is any actual evidence that Apple is soon to announce a product. No filing with the FCC for regulatory approval, no credible leaks from component manufacturers or carriers, no evidence of any marketing plans, no word from major retailers, and of course, no news from Apple itself.

Don't get me wrong, I'll buy the first Apple iPhone I see. I'll even get a friend to FedEx me one from the US and put up with inevitable localisation issues (because if Apple goes the MVNO route it'll be the year 3000 before they get around to doing it in little markets like Australia. They still don't offer book and photo printing for iPhoto.)

But in the meantime, my K800i is a kick-arse little beauty that puts Nokia's N-series and the LG Chocolate look like lame executoys and expensive lipstick holders, respectively. With Apple's iSync synchronising my all my contacts, to-dos and calendars beautifully with the K800i via bBluetooth, I really can't imagine how an iPhone could be better... other than offering a white version...

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