Friday, September 15

Zune comes in brown!

I know this is trivial, I apologise in advance, but I can't believe the new Microsoft Zune portable player is going to ship in brown as well as the 'default player colours' of white and black. Don't get me wrong - I'm big on brown, I wear a lot of brown, and I think brown is, has, and always will be the new black.

But brown in a portable player? Brown in any consumer electronic product? Brown in any hard ABS plastic or metal finish? And such a pale, pappy, sappy brown? That's wrong... all wrong... won't go down anywhere outside of Washington State, and possibly not even beyond the Microsoft campus.

What they used to put in the Koolaid must now be now added to the frappucinos in Redmond (which are about the same colour).

Photos: Microsoft presses play on Zune | CNET

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