Tuesday, November 6

Alpha release is not the right time for user testimonials

8Hands sounds like a potentially interesting way to stay updated for those social network addicts amongst us who feel the need to share our love across multiple social networks.

But while I admire the open disclosure, the testimonials and 'top five support forum' posts on 8Hand's homepage are probably too much information, too soon.

Before I've even decided to download and try the software I'm seeing reasons why it might be a risky proposition. Maybe beta launch is a better time to add real testimonials and forum posts to your homepage and leave snippets from, say, Techcrunch reviews in their place for now.

I guess I'm not enough of a social networks addict... maybe there's hope for me yet?...
clipped from www.8hands.com
  • I love this software

    "Seems like they worked out many of the earlier bugs and seems to run OK on my XP system.

  • Greetings 8hands!
    "I like the application, It's a brilliant idea and it looks great.
  • simple & smooth - i'm loving it!

    great app! finally i don't have to log into myspace and see all them spam comments about winning an iphone and finding a date - i can screen them now!

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