Wednesday, November 21

Is Google's Android an attempt to take over the world?

Well, no. (a) "The World" is much bigger than the US, no more so than when you're talking about mobile, where the US is a relatively small chunk; and (b) the article explains how Google goes nowhere unless it goes hand-in-hand with T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile and Sprint are competitors, so this is only a little bit easier than going hand-in-hand with two women you're dating at the same time. Does that end in a happy threesome? Only ever in your dreams.
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Yes, Google Is Trying To Take Over the WorldNext step: Take out Ma Bell.

What gives AT&T and Verizon real power over the wireless world? It is their control over spectrum, retail, and government, three areas where Google, as of now, is very weak, and where it must depend entirely on its allies. Spectrum is the one physically scarce resource in the wireless world, and those who control the airwaves have the power to call the shots by denying access to those who do not behave. That's why so much turns on the loyalty of Google's carrier partners, T-Mobile and Sprint, for they are serious players with spectrum. If, as is likely, AT&T and Verizon refuse to allow any Gphones on their networks, the reach of Android may be limited.

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