Wednesday, February 6

Updated: Wow, you're 'the' Dave Morin?

Wow, you're 'the' Dave Morin?
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[Updated: see the end of this post for the latest news on Dave]

I shouldn't judge someone by how they blog, but hey, everyone else does...

I saw a reference to Dave Morin on Valleywag today and thought, "hey, Facebook evangelist? i should look him up, maybe I can learn a few tricks from such a prominent evangelist."

Well, maybe it's just me, but I've never been a big fan of people who put a big photo of themselves in the masthead of their blog (unless they're, like, Madonna, or sumfink.) It smacks of hubris.

But that ain't nothing; hubris gets its big, hob-nailed boots on and gives you a kickin' when it sees you referring to yourself in the third person when you announce a job change in your personal blog. And date and location-ise the intro sentence so it reads like a press release? Puh-sleaze, not even Madonna does that anymore.

"SAN FRANCISCO, California — November 6, 2006 — Dave Morin today announced that he has joined Facebook as Senior Platform Manager, leaving his post of ..."

...ack, somebody tell me it's all tongue-in-cheek and I've mis-read his self-satirizing style. Please!

UPDATE: I'm always amazed by the power of the interweb to connect people across thousands of miles of ocean and fibre optic cable. Dave Morin emailed me only a few days after this post. Turns out it was all tongue-in-cheek after all, and I have mis-read his self-satirizing style. Via email he was perfectly nice, absolutely not in love with himself, and has offered to meet up with me for a coffee when next I'm in town. I've suggested he might want to make the satirical intent of his blog and his announcement a little more obvious, for those of us not clever enough to get the point. Good job, Dave.

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