Sunday, January 9

For sale: Motorolla SB4200i cable modem and Netgear FM114P router/print server

Motorolla SB4200i cable modem
Originally uploaded by bigyahu.

Goodbye Telstra Bigpond Cable, I never loved you!

Frabjuous joy! I celebrated by finally installing an iPrimus-supplied DSL modem/router, an Apple Airport Extreme basestation and two (YES TWO!) Airport Express dongles. One Airport Express to connect my PowerBook to the Bose, so I can wirelessly play my iTunes library throughout the house and garden (1,575 songs, 103 artists, 152 albums - 4 non-stop days and nights of music... and counting!).

The other Airport Express I plugged in to the outdoor powerpoint underneath the stairs to the garden, next to the xmas lights (now complemented by the gentle green LED of the happy Airport Express) so that I have (geeky drumroll please...)

WiFi access across our whole GARDEN!!!

At last I can work on my laptop while my son excavates in the sandpit, denudes the plants, and kicks balls over the fence! Why? Because I CAN!

All I need now is a big sunshade in the garden so I can see my laptop screen, and a small bar fridge...

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