Friday, January 7

Me at 40

Me at 40
Turning 40 on 3 Jan didn't kill me, it turns out. Nor did I turn into a youth-sucking pensioner-zombie. Though it did take me a few days to post this recognition of the fact, so maybe there's something subconscious going on there I haven't dredged up yet.

Lemme count my blessings:

  • still married to my soul-mate, still in love with her, she doesn't dislike me often, or for very long

  • got a truly wonderful child and he and i are CEO and Chairman of a Mutual Admiration Society that probably still has another 5-10 years in it

  • small circle of close friends who are intelligent, funny, caring and interesting (you know who you are)

  • still got my health!

  • still got all four limbs, knees and ankles still good, could still play tennis if i knew how

  • still fit and not too podgy, though maybe it's time to admit i'm not gonna get a sixpack

  • still got most of my hair, only a few grey ones

  • greasy skin means fewer wrinkles

  • only lost one tooth so far

  • like my job

  • not in debt

  • love my family, quite like my wife's family too, and my mother-in-law's awesome

  • What am I missing?A Lamborghini Gallardo. Honestly, I believe owning one of these (without having to pay for it, obviously) would complete me

  • With self-awareness comes the realisation that you're actually pretty shallow and materialistic (see: Lamborghini Gallardo)

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