Tuesday, May 30

In the future, you'll know when your work truly sucks

Michael Walsh of the Fourth Estate was invited to speak to graduating students at the Australian Film and Television School recently. Now I've recovered from the crippling wave of envy that hit me when I heard this, I have to admit he gave a far, far better speech about the future of the media than I could. For me, the biggest point was this one:

....until now film makers have blamed everyone but themselves for work that nobody wanted to watch. But with the internet there is no one to blame but yourself. The bad news is that the funding bodies and distributors who have subsidised so many creative careers up until now are not really going to be able to help you in this new world. The good news is, like leaving home, your parents are also not going to be able to get in your way.

And that message is true whether you're a film graduate, a TV director, an independent musician, a photographer, or even an author. Dwell on that.

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