Tuesday, May 9

People will pay to wear your schwag!

If anything still surprised me these days, this would: an enterprising team of folks running a web design consultancy for their day jobs is getting people to pay to receive a monthly package of Web 2.0 schwag, aggregated and distributed by the new service www.valleyschwag.com.

If it surprised me, it would surprise me because I always assume people wear schwag either because:

  1. They got it for free; or
  2. They work for the company
But, casting my mind back, I can remember nearly being bowled over when opening a box of Yahoo! tee-shirts at an internet expo back when hardly anyone knew what Yahoo! even was. Some folks just can't get enough brands.

Anyway, you signup for a monthly 'care parcel' from ValleySchwag, and each month you get a bag of t-shirts, stickers, pens, caps and other stuff, all emblazoned with the latest and one-day-coolest web 2.0 logos.

Young Nikita Kashner seems to be building a budding online audience just uploading a photo of herself wearing schwag. But then, she fills a t-shirt so much more alluringly than I ever have, or will.

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