Tuesday, May 23

How about the black cables, Steve?

I definitely want a new black Apple MacBook 13" to go with my black iPod Nano, except (doh!) Apple's probably made the same critical peripherals error with the black MacBook that I discovered when I received my black iPod Nano: all the cables, headphones and other trimmings that come with it are still "Apple white".

I definitely don't want a black Apple MacBook 13" connected to my black iPod Nano by a white cable, and I definitely don't want the power supply for my black Apple MacBook to be white. What if I can't get an Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard in black? And if the video adaptor cable is white, I'm gonna scream, yell, and throw a little hissy Mac user tantrum, like Steve Jobs reportedly does when things are not 100% perfect. I'm surprised he hasn't noticed this himself. I may send him an email about it...

Apple - MacBook - Gallery 2

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