Friday, March 16

Mix, pitch and bitch at STIRR Sydney 2

STIRR Sydney, my favourite Web 2.0 mix/pitch/bitch-session, is on again, Thursday 29th March, at 7pm. Find full details, gaze in horror at photos of STIRRs past, and RSVP for this one on the STIRR Sydney wiki.

STIRR can always use one more startup presentation and two more sponsors, so if you're looking for backing or looking to back, contact Marty at Tangler.

If you use Tangler (and who doesn't?) there's a Tangler group that will keep you up-to-date with STIRR Sydney as it comes together.

My grats to the Tangleros for putting this all together again, it's a lot of fun as long as somebody else does all the hard work behind the scenes.

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