Wednesday, March 28

I may be Apple Australia's most expensive customer

I may be Apple Australia's most expensive customer
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Since they insist on delivering products you buy from the Apple Store via courier only, and insist on that courier delivering it to you in person and getting your signature, and since the courier company can't be more specific about when they're going to arrive than "Wednesday" and is unable to ring you when they're on the way.

Courier company tells me that Apple pays them for another delivery charge every time they try to re-deliver it, and so far this is the fourth time they've tried to deliver my new AppleTV when I'm not home.

By my rough calculations, if this happened another 4-5 times, the cost of the delivery would be up around Apple's cost price on the AppleTV.

All that needs to change is for Apple Australia to offer additional delivery options; (1) no signature required; (2) no presence required; (3) pickup from nearest Australia Post branch. Offer these with the option of delivery insurance, and you've got yourself a convenient service.

Instead, what you've got is a time-wasting, costly and inconvenient service for me, for the courier company, and for Apple.

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