Thursday, March 22

Podcast showcase for .au iTunes Store and AppleTV

podcast showcase for .au itunes store and itv
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My xbox and MythTV-toting geekbuddies scoffed when I told them I'd advance-ordered an AppleTV months ago. "Oh dude, but there's, like, no content for it. If it's not already on your Mac, there'll be nothing for you to buy on iTunes Store when it finally ships!"

But I had faith in Jobs, and lo, he delivered. Well, the AppleTV itself was a little delayed, but I got a shipment notification yesterday saying it had left the warehouse, should be here before the weekend. And tonight when I was perusing the Australian iTunes Store, what should I come across in the Podcasts index page but this "AppleTV Showcase"?

Lo and behold, for within there are at least 16 video podcast channels I can subscribe to, and they're not all unknown content brands - I see Comedy Central and National Geographic in the mix there.

Beware Foxtel, your demise is almost at hand!

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