Saturday, September 22

Apple's iPhoto still can't print photobooks in Australia

Apple's iPhoto *still* can't print photobooks in Australia
Originally uploaded by thatjonesboy.

Apple launched iPhoto 1.0 in 2002 and today I installed iLife '08, which includes iPhoto Version 7.0.1.

Since version 1.0, Apple has offered the ability to print photo books from iPhoto, and by all accounts, it has amongst the best photo book quality in the market.

Now it offers book printing in the US, Japan and much of the larger European nations, but no book printing in Australia. Come on, Apple Australia, you've had more than enough time to build an installed base of iPhoto users here, and to negotiate backend printing relationships. It's well past time you launched iPhoto book printing for Australian iLife customers.

I know there are other third-party solutions I could use, but I'm not interested: I'm an Apple Fan Boy and proud of it, and I want the one-click seamless experience from button-on-iPhoto-toolbar, to dotmac login and shopping cart, to nicely packaged photo book in the mail.


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