Wednesday, January 9

Japan readies itself for alien invasion, critics ask, what about giant radioactive dinosaurs?

I'm totally with Japanese defence chief Ishiba on the need to consider the risks of alien saucers landing in Japan and whether or not they'd be hostile. He's only doing his job, just as any Iowa corn farmer's concerned when a normally quiet dog starts barking at night. "It's M. Night Shaylaman, Martha, fetch my shotgun!"

But the real issue here is the Japanese Defence Dept's utter lack of plans for an attack on the city of Tokyo by a giant radioactive dinosaur, flying squid or massive mutant moth!

They can't keep leaving it to the scientists to try and communicate with the massive creatures!

Thousands of hapless Japanese defence personnel will lose their lives to the heat rays! Skyscrapers will be bitten, bridges stomped on and powerlines cut!

Act now, Ishiba-san, before you finish watching the grainy black-and-white video tape of the little girl in the well! Ahhhh!!!!!!
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Japanese Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba became the second member of the cabinet to profess a belief in UFOs and said he was looking at how Japan's military could respond to aliens under the pacifist constitution.(AFP/File/Yoshikazu Tsuno)


Japan's defence minister braces for aliens

As Japan takes a more active role in military affairs, the defence minister has more on his mind than just threats here on Earth.

"There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and some life-form that controls them," Ishiba told reporters, saying it was his personal view and not that of the defence ministry.

"If they descended, saying 'People of the Earth, let's make friends,' it would not be considered an urgent, unjust attack on our country," Ishiba said.

"Personally, I absolutely believe they exist," Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura said on Tuesday.

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