Wednesday, January 23

Way too many timezone settings in my life

Way too many timezone settings in my life
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Praise Jobs I have an iPhone now so I have one fewer gadget in my bag when travelling, but still, I'm sick of changing timezones on different devices and applications.

I live a moderately-wired life: my wife and I share iCal calendars, I refer to my schedule on my iPhone and Mac during the day, and I work at where we use Google Calendar to manage office schedules.

Is it too much to ask OpenID and the online identity industry to include 'current time zone' in the data they store on my behalf? I foresee a future in which we need only tell one device or service that they've changed timezone, and all their devices and services are updated.

Meanwhile, I just need to forget to change timezones on one device or service and events start appearing at the wrong times in one or more places. If I don't notice, and then sync the devices again, it's way too easy to end up with two copies of each event, and then it takes a lot of searching and deleting - event-by-event - to bring things back to an even keel.

Imagine telling bluepulse or <twitter that you're now on Pacific Time and knowing that your phone, calendar app and web service will be updated automagically. It's not utopia, but it's in the same timezone.

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