Wednesday, March 23

Indipod, for when you need to go, on the go

Now here's a product that I guarantee will change the way you drive... unless you already drive like sh*t. It's the product of the future that you didn't know you needed until you read it here first!

It's called Indipod, and well, if you've always been struggling to get to number two on the grid, well, here's your chance to do a number two on the grid.

An inflatable 'privacy bubble' encloses a portable loo in a bouncy-castle-like space where you can hermetically seal in those unpleasant odours and escape the prying eyes of passing motorists wondering what you're doing with your pants around your ankles. The Indipod holds up to "8 person days" - 8 days worth for one person, one day for eight people, or an unholy scramble for five people over three days. Fortunately, clever fluids within the Indipod, purchasable separately along with a range of other accessories, means it doesn't smell too bad when you open it up and flush the contents when you finally do make it to a plumbed toilet.

I have only three questions unanswered after perusing the website in great detail: (a) Can I watch in-car DVDs in there?; (b) If not, can I read the paper?; and (c) How aggressively can I drive before the Indipod starts sloshing back and forth back there, making my Subaru Forester sound like an aquarium shop delivery van?

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