Wednesday, March 30

more of the new mini

mini cabrio s front
Originally uploaded by bigyahu.

Initial impressions after a short 15min drive were very favourable. This is one of the first Cooper S Cabrios in the land with the 6 speed selectronic auto box, so was dying to see how well it worked in 'manual' mode (toggles on steering wheel or snick the shift up or down). Especially because we couldnt test that before we put our money down (wasn't a demo car in the country). Good news: it rocks! Better than the manual mode in the Smart, the Pug or the Boxster, even than the Cooper S (which has had an older 5-speed selectronic up until now). Full auto ain't bad either.

Heaps of go, as per a normal Cooper S, presumably a little slower due to extra weight for stiffness.

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