Wednesday, March 23

The revolution will be televised

The revolution will be televised, but it will start later than scheduled because 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' will run late again. You'll have set the recorder to tape it, and when you sit down to watch it later in the week, with growing horror you'll count four minutes and thirty seconds of Millionare and an ad break before it starts, meaning you'll never get to see how the revolution ended, and who won.

You'll have to wait for the weekend papers for the in-depth analysis, but that will be written assuming you watched it and saw how it ended. So much of it will make no sense to you, and the rest of it will just raise more questions than answers. But you'll be too embarassed to ask anyone about it. So you'll keep on living your life, wondering if Good or Evil triumphed in the end. And if Good triumphed, how come nothing changes? Is this as Good as it gets? Or is this a slow descent into Evil you're experiencing? A downhill grade so gentle you won't even feel the heat until the flames are higher than your head?

Sadly, it's not possible for mere mortals to kill a television network programming executive. They are undead already, even if Good triumphs.

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