Tuesday, May 17

Thinking of sex with an action figure?

Still a little turned-on from the thought of having sex with a life-sized Jar Jar Bonks doll, I've spent a little more time on eBay in order to suggest some other great life-sized action figure items that might spice up your sex life:

  • A Superman statue carved with a chainsaw! He has no problems getting wood!

  • Like 'em big, dumb and hairy? Dress him or her up in this authentic Wookie costume.

  • Into the older generation, you are?

  • This one is "fibre-filled, with many embellishments..." Oh, I'm getting so wet!

  • I love a man in uniform

  • I don't think anyone is pretending that this is anything other than a sex doll

  • This listing's description even boasts of a "...large huge big horn" says it all for me

  • Strictly two-dimensional, but in this case, that makes it all the more realistic

So, let's pause and reflect on what we've learned on this little excursion. I've learned that there are just too many weird "life-sized" items for sale on eBay every day - so many, it stopped being funny - maybe it's something that we should all find disturbing instead?

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