Thursday, March 30

Wow, honey, Steve Jobs' office called me today!

Here's a great story: an Apple customer is in technical distress and sends an email to one of Apple's partners emails in desperation (allegedly Steve Job's email address.)

Less than a day later, he gets a call from someone saying he's from "Steve Jobs' office" to see if he can help.

I'm not saying the guy who rang wasn't from "Steve Jobs' office" but I'm just wondering if the guy was smart enough to see that the original email was directed to and figured it couldn't hurt to say he was calling from Jobs' office when he rang. Either that, or maybe Steve Jobs now works in the business partner relations office - I'm sure it's a big space, well lit, in the corner of the building, and close to the carpark.

Test it out for yourself: email and rant about something Apple-related, and make sure you include your phone number so they can call you back. I'll do the same. I wonder if anyone will get responses? How many people work in Steve Jobs' office, do you suppose?...

btw: sorry Steve, I realise by publishing your personal email address, I have opened you up to a bunch more spam than before. But it was necessary to prove the point and I couldn't be bothered coding it into a form. If the spam really gets to be a problem, lemme know and i'll code it.

Postscript: the guy this blog post refers to contacted me via Meebo to ask me to delete the post because he felt it made him look stupid. Jebus knows, that's the last thing we'd want to do in a blog called Why are we surrounded by idiots? Instead of removing the post I've removed his name. You can still click thru to find out more about him - I wouldn't want you thinking I'm making stuff up.

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