Tuesday, June 13

Jigsaw is an evil empire in the making

Jigsaw is a company that will pay you to upload the business contact information of the people you know. If you've ever felt like maybe you don't want people calling you at work to pitch you stuff, this company is your new worst nightmare.

I found some irony in this awful discovery though. Without signing up, Jigsaw wasn't about to let me scroll through all >4,000 contacts it has available from Yahoo! Inc. But it would show me an example business card from its database of Yahoo! employees.

Who else does Jigsaw display but my old mate Arturo Bejar, responsible for leading Yahoo!'s information security department. Arturo's been protecting your Yahoo! login, password, credit card details, stored files and contact information from evil hackers now for many years. I used to call him "paranoid android" but he does a great job of keeping Yahoo! users safe.

Now here's his personal information being displayed on Jigsaw's site, not a victim of hackery, but of social engineering and frictionless online commerce.

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