Monday, June 26

When is a widget not a widget, or even a very good cartoon?

I'm such a big fan of Hugh Macleaod's Gapingvoid cartoons that I have one on the reverse side of one of my business cards. It reads, "First we need to talk, then you need to shut up" which is a great example of Macleaod's style - the sort of thing you often find yourself thinking but rarely saying, much less committing to artwork.

As reported in Techcrunch, you can now add the latest Gapingvoid cartoon to your website with a snippet of Javascript, though it's not really a widget as reported, just a javascript-driven badge, or chiclet.

Unfortunately the current Gapingvoid cartoon is not Hugh's best work, and it might just have been lousy timing, but his current cartoon is (a) not one of his best; and (b) at the expense of the very bloggers he's hoping will use the Gapingvoid badge. Not much hope of that, judging by the reaction in the comments of the Techcrunch article.

Get your own and offend your readers today.

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