Thursday, June 1

Watch me do a DSLAM-dunk!

Just when I was just beginning to look at changing ISPs to try and find one with a higher-speed DSLAM port available at my local exchange, good ole Internode came through with the following email. Make good on this promise, and they keep me as a happy customer:

Dear Internode customer,
This email is to inform you that your ADSL service will be migrated to
an Agile DSLAM port on the phone number 0294608133 starting on 14/06/2006 and
ending on 14/06/2006. Migrations will occur Monday to Friday between 8am
and 7pm and may take Telstra a couple of weeks to complete. Customers will
experience a loss of dial tone and Internet access for a few minutes
while their line is physically cutover. Should either dial tone or
your ADSL access not resume within 30 minutes please contact Internode
Support on 13 NODE (13 66 33).
This migration makes it possible for you to take advantage of our
exciting 'Extreme' speed ADSL plans, offering speeds (based on your
line length and ADSL modem type) of up to 24 Megabits per second.

I don't need 24Mbits but if I can get 8Mbits I'll be deleriously happy.

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