Wednesday, April 18

Bluepulse starts up the marketing engine

I've always maintained that Bluepulse would make an awesome platform for promoting youth-oriented entertainment artists to a worldwide audience. Now we're about to see if I was right, with this decision by SonyBMG to try Bluepulse as a launch platform for Avril Lavigne's new album. More from the Bluepulseblog:

Since busting onto the global music scene in 2002, Avril Lavigne has been rocking her way onto the nanos of tens of millions of fans around the World, so you can imagine how stoked we all are to welcome her into the bluepulse community!

As part of the launch of her new album, The Best Damn Thing, Avril now has her very own Place on bluepulse. We’ve added a couple of custom features for her, it includes a biography, info about the album and her amazing career, photos and videos, including one for Avril TV. Add Avril as a friend to get her latest news and to send her fan mail.

To check out Avrils Place on bluepulse, just go to Find Friends and search for Avril by username, or if you’re new to bluepulse you can add her as a friend by going to (on your phone or computer).

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