Wednesday, April 4

AppleTV arrives at last

AppleTV arrives at last
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It's been quite a saga, but finally Apple Store's courier and I happened to be in the same place, at the same time.

Even on the fourth delivery, it was a close thing. I'd spent all day at home waiting, but of course, it was when I finally absolutely had to leave home that the courier approached. As the courier pulled up, I was parking my car (having sprinted 2km to the Subaru service outlet to pick up the Forester, leaving a pleading note for the courier on my front porch.) It's like Apple instructs the courier company to wait around the corner in hiding and only approach the delivery address when the customer is definitely gone from the premises.

Will my AppleTV be cool? Will the media connection be as laggy and droppy as iTunes playback has been over an Airport Express? All these questions and more will be answered when my hi-fi geek guy comes around to install it for me (a) because it doesn't come with any cables; and (b) I'm scared of touching the back of the Rotel multi-function tuner/amp thingy the hi-fi guy installed in my cupboard. It has way too many hot wires back there, and not enough room to poke your head in, meaning cabling new stuff in is something you have to do by touch.

I'm way too likely to try and plug the AppleTV into something carrying too many amps while touching something conductive. You may scoff, but I have the burn scars to prove it.

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