Monday, April 23

The hardest way to make mashed potatoes

I used to work with Andrew Levy at Yahoo! before he went off to become a French chef of the Cordon Bleu variety. This lad was born to cook. One night he combined some fresh salmon fillets with whatever was in my fridge at the time and even then it blew us all away.

Now his new cooking blog sees him sharing some recipes and cooking tips. But don't expect Andrew's definition of "easy" to match up with yours. I mean, take a look at how he starts off making mashed potatoes...

Put the whole, unpeeled potatoes on the baking sheet and put in the oven until completely cooked through. Note: Many people will tell you to boil your potatoes. This will work faster, but not better, because good mash relies on dry potatoes. If you must boil them, peel them first, and when they’re cooked through, put them on a baking sheet and fully dry them in a warm oven before mashing them.

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