Sunday, April 22

Tipping point #2: online eclipses newspapers in UK

Ben Metcalfe points out that it's really big news how online advertising revenues have overtaken newspaper advertising revenues in the UK. The time has come for newspaper publishers to plan for the future... not to use the internet to defend their newspaper franchise, but plan to migrate to online and spin-down the printing press.
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What’s important is that newspapers finally newspapers can begin to ‘move their core focus’ over to Internet. That’s if they have the balls - but the finance people should now be armed with the relevant figures to help them find their balls.

The one issue no one seems to be talking about is whether the combined spend has changed. Is it simply a shift in existing revenues, or has online suddenly found new advertising budget (or newspapers lost out on evaporated budget). That’s important to think about - especially with the CraigsList factor - where advertising is free.

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